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Charity Buttons PRODUCT INFO
PURE PERFECTION Our custom pin-back buttons are the most durable and functional buttons in the industry. Our custom buttons are available in nine sizes and styles, from 1” round up to 3” round buttons. We also offer unique shapes like our 1.5” square, as well as oval and rectangle shapes! As always, we feature fast 5 business day turnaround, with rush processing upgrade options available!

All of our custom buttons feature a high-gloss, weather-resistant finish, a steel pin-back and high quality, full color face print. We print on standard brilliant white paper stock and offer an upgrade to clear acetate for a metallic finish.
Top Reasons
to Choose Pure Buttons ®
Perfect for Charities &
Non-Profit Organizations
Product Details
Resale Profit Margins

Buttons Raise Awareness

Custom Buttons are the perfect canvas to get your cause noticed. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to match your needs. Custom Buttons are great for charities and non-profits because they are a fun, attention-getting way to spread awareness about your message.

We have created Custom Buttons for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, To Write Love On Her Arms, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Nevada Humane Society, and many more. Take a look at out Charity & Non-Profit Organization Buttons Samples Gallery to see how others have used our custom buttons to successfully broadcast their message!

Learn more about our Custom Buttons by clicking the tabs to the left. Check out the profit margins tab to see how custom buttons can be a very effective fundraiser!

Product Details

You can rest assured that your products from PureButtons are the highest quality available. We constantly reinvest in the company to offer the best quality materials and printing technology.

Steel pin back
view backs gallery
9 Sizes & styles
view samples gallery
weather-resistant finish
Full color graphics
from cutting-edge printing tech
Artwork printed on
brilliant white paper stock
Manufactured with love
in Ohio, USA

Upgrade: Metallic Finish
artwork printed on clear acetate

Top Reasons to Choose Pure Buttons ®

  • We offer a unique finish that really makes your custom buttons stand out! (Our finish is anti-glaring; but still glossy!! Unlike all Mylar topped buttons).

  • We constantly reinvest in ourselves to always have the cutting edge equipment!

  • We only use high quality USA made button parts and manufacture your custom buttons in our 16,000 sq. ft facility located in Medina, Ohio.

  • Fast Turnaround to meet your tight deadlines! (5 business days) with rush orders available - as quick as a 24 hour turnaround!

  • Live In-House Customer Service Chat - right on the site!

  • Thousands of high quality sample photos to see our quality before you buy!

  • Trusted by global brands including Microsoft, Walmart, and many more

  • High Quality Templates and digital proofs available. Make sure your order comes out perfect every time!

Big Shiny Profit in Little Shiny Buttons

Custom Buttons are the perfect fundraiser opportunity. Fashionable and popular, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes, including unique shapes that will attract more buyers. If you are looking to raise funds with a custom product, our high quality pin back buttons have such a low upfront cost, your profit margins can be very high depending on the retail price you choose to set.

Combine our custom buttons with Custom Button Packs to increase retail value.

The following table shows examples of the profit you can acquire by selling a specific quantity of buttons for a set price each. This is meant as a general guideline and does not set or suggest a standard resale price for our products.
1" Round buttons
Qty Retail: $1ea Retail: $2ea Retail: $3ea Retail: $4ea
500pcs $397.5 Profit $795 Profit $1,192.5 Profit $1,1590 Profit
1,000pcs $802.5 Profit $1,605 Profit $2,407.5 Profit $3,210 Profit
2,500pcs $2,038 Profit $4,076 Profit $6,114 Profit $8,152 Profit
5,000pcs $4,125 Profit $8,250 Profit $12,375 Profit $16,500 Profit
QTY 1" Round 1.25" Round 1.5" Round 1.75" Round 2.25" Round 3" Round 1.5" Square 1.75"x2.75" Rectangle 1.75"x2.75" Oval
50 0.240 ea 0.310 ea 0.340 ea 0.390 ea 0.420 ea 0.525 ea 0.553 ea 0.603 ea 0.630 ea
100 0.220 ea 0.240 ea 0.260 ea 0.280 ea 0.30 ea 0.375 ea 0.395 ea 0.563 ea 0.580 ea
250 0.210 ea 0.230 ea 0.252 ea 0.272 ea 0.286 ea 0.358 ea 0.379 ea 0.493 ea 0.525 ea
500 0.205 ea 0.225 ea 0.244 ea 0.264 ea 0.275 ea 0.344 ea 0.367 ea 0.453 ea 0.50 ea
750 0.20 ea 0.220 ea 0.237 ea 0.257 ea 0.270 ea 0.338 ea 0.361 ea 0.393 ea 0.470 ea
1000 0.198 ea 0.215 ea 0.232 ea 0.252 ea 0.260 ea 0.325 ea 0.325 ea 0.350 ea 0.445 ea
1250 0.195 ea 0.210 ea 0.227 ea 0.247 ea 0.255 ea 0.319 ea 0.308 ea 0.343 ea 0.432 ea
1500 0.190 ea 0.205 ea 0.221 ea 0.241 ea 0.249 ea 0.311 ea 0.295 ea 0.333 ea 0.423 ea
2500 0.185 ea 0.20 ea 0.216 ea 0.223 ea 0.230 ea 0.290 ea 0.273 ea 0.320 ea 0.403 ea
5000 0.175 ea 0.185 ea 0.190 ea 0.197 ea 0.20 ea 0.265 ea 0.243 ea 0.290 ea 0.385 ea
7500 0.168 ea 0.183 ea 0.188 ea 0.180 ea 0.190 ea 0.250 ea 0.228 ea 0.285 ea 0.358 ea
10000 0.165 ea 0.170 ea 0.174 ea 0.175 ea 0.180 ea 0.230 ea 0.215 ea 0.280 ea 0.330 ea
25000 0.163 ea 0.168 ea 0.172 ea 0.173 ea 0.178 ea 0.228 ea 0.208 ea 0.275 ea 0.328 ea
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1" Round 1.25" Round 1.5" Round 1.75" Round 2.25" Round 3" Round 1.5" Square 1.75"x2.75" Rectangle 1.75"x2.75" Oval
1" Round 1.25" Round 1.5" Round 1.75" Round 2.25" Round 3" Round 1.5" Square 1.75"x2.75" Rectangle 1.75"x2.75" Oval
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