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Ranger Doug WPA National Park Poster Souvenir Magnets - Joshua Tree National Monument Ranger Doug WPA National Park Poster Souvenir Magnets - Acadia National Park Ranger Doug WPA National Park Poster Souvenir Magnets - Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Customer: Ranger Doug

Ranger Doug is the source for original replicas of vintage WPA National Parks Posters. Ranger Doug posters are screen printed replicas using carefully traced copies of the original designs produced by the Works Projects Administration during the FDR Administration, before America's entry into World War II.

Ranger Doug is a significant name in the WPA National Parks Poster market and often is referred to as the Ranger of the Lost Art. Doug started the company in 1993 as a hobby to support a fundraising project for the Grand Teton National Park, where he spent seven years as a seasonal ranger. This hobby has since evolved into a vast collection offered all over the US with over 50 Ranger Doug prints on posters, postcards, window stickers, and custom souvenir magnets by Pure Buttons.

"We sell magnets to National Park fans – both online and through National Park bookstores."

If you're unfamiliar with the WPA National Parks artwork, here's a brief history: The WPA's Federal Art Project printed millions of posters between 1935 and 1943, featuring tens of thousands of different artworks to stimulate public interest. After the initial introduction, they selected only 14 designs to produce, ultimately printing a total of 1,400 prints, with 100 per design. To this day there have only been 40 prints to surface and Doug has made it his mission to rescue and preserve all he can find. The Ranger Doug team has since introduced a variety of their own unique WPA style designs, which they offer printed on products along with some of the original WPA poster designs like the Yellowstone National Park Geyser print.

Doug reached out to Pure Buttons years ago to help with fulfillment issues that they were having with their current magnet supplier. We were ecstatic to have been presented with the opportunity to supply these WPA poster magnets for the Ranger Doug team! We have since developed a unique work flow for the magnets which involves printing and sticking an informational paper label to the backside of each magnet that tells the Ranger Doug story! (Seen above).

"Miles ahead the past magnet vendor we used."

"Pure Buttons has been wonderful – easy to work with and great quality. Miles ahead the past magnet vendor we used. Ordering continues to be easy and quality is always superb. Pure Buttons has helped us grow this new-ish line for us to 6 figures in sales!"

We look forward to producing these popular WPA magnets for many years to come!

Pure Buttons has worked closely with a wide range of artists, photographers and museums to reproduce historic artwork with stunning resolution and color quality. If you are looking to print custom souvenir magnets that attract sales, look no further than our line of high quality fridge magnets, available in 20 shapes and sizes, all customizable in our easy online tool.

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