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Christmas Photo Gifts

Pure Buttons make it easy to create affordable personalized gifts for Christmas! We also offer a variety of generalized "happy holidays" or winter-themed gift designs. Our holiday photo gift designs are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. These high quality Christmas photo frames can be personalized with our free designs below. Whether you choose to create a photo ornament or any of our other custom products, you'll be thrilled with our high quality and fast turnaround.

There is no extra cost to use our Christmas photo gift designs. All photo frame designs are free to customize in our online art tool.

Shy Reindeer - Christmas Photo Gift DesignShy Reindeer - Christmas Photo Frame Shy Reindeer Gingerbread House - Christmas Photo Gift DesignGingerbread House - Christmas Photo Frame Gingerbread House
Foxy Holidays - Christmas Photo Gift DesignFoxy Holidays - Christmas Photo Frame Foxy Holidays
Poinsettia Wreath - Christmas Photo Gift DesignPoinsettia Wreath - Christmas Photo Frame Poinsettia Wreath
Merry and Bright - Christmas Photo Gift DesignMerry and Bright - Christmas Photo Frame Merry and Bright
Meowy Christmas - Christmas Photo Gift DesignMeowy Christmas - Christmas Photo Frame Meowy Christmas
Joy To The World - Christmas Photo Gift DesignJoy To The World - Christmas Photo Frame Joy To The World
Winter Wonderland - Christmas Photo Gift DesignWinter Wonderland - Christmas Photo Frame Winter Wonderland
Christmas Train - Christmas Photo Gift DesignChristmas Train - Christmas Photo Frame Christmas Train
Santa Hug - Christmas Photo Gift DesignSanta Hug - Christmas Photo Frame Santa Hug
Birch Trees & Cardinals - Christmas Photo Gift DesignBirch Trees & Cardinals - Christmas Photo Frame Birch Trees & Cardinals
Peppermints - Christmas Photo Gift DesignPeppermints - Christmas Photo Frame Peppermints
Gingerbread - Christmas Photo Gift DesignGingerbread - Christmas Photo Frame Gingerbread
Snow Globe - Christmas Photo Gift DesignSnow Globe - Christmas Photo Frame Snow Globe
Snowflake Wreath - Christmas Photo Gift DesignSnowflake Wreath - Christmas Photo Frame Snowflake Wreath
Reindeer Hug - Christmas Photo Gift DesignReindeer Hug - Christmas Photo Frame Reindeer Hug
Night Before Christmas - Christmas Photo Gift DesignNight Before Christmas - Christmas Photo Frame Night Before Christmas
Candy Cane - Christmas Photo Gift DesignCandy Cane - Christmas Photo Frame Candy Cane
Antique Snowflakes - Christmas Photo Gift DesignAntique Snowflakes - Christmas Photo Frame Antique Snowflakes
Antique Holly - Christmas Photo Gift DesignAntique Holly - Christmas Photo Frame Antique Holly
Christmas Cheer - Christmas Photo Gift DesignChristmas Cheer - Christmas Photo Frame Christmas Cheer
Whimsical Wreath - Christmas Photo Gift DesignWhimsical Wreath - Christmas Photo Frame Whimsical Wreath
Winter Animals - Christmas Photo Gift DesignWinter Animals - Christmas Photo Frame Winter Animals
Merry Christmas Wreath - Christmas Photo Gift DesignMerry Christmas Wreath - Christmas Photo Frame Merry Christmas Wreath
Snow Day - Christmas Photo Gift DesignSnow Day - Christmas Photo Frame Snow Day
Festive Ornaments - Christmas Photo Gift DesignFestive Ornaments - Christmas Photo Frame Festive Ornaments
Christmas Confetti - Christmas Photo Gift DesignChristmas Confetti - Christmas Photo Frame Christmas Confetti
Holiday Wreath - Christmas Photo Gift DesignHoliday Wreath - Christmas Photo Frame Holiday Wreath
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Create Personalized Photo Ornaments and more!

Christmas photo gifts like our photo ornaments are easy to design online with our product customizer tool. Just upload any picture or add your favorite Instagram or Facebook photos to the creative holiday photo frames with just a few simple clicks!

Start personalizing a photo gift with exclusive designs created by talented artists - only available at Purebuttons! Choose your favorite Christmas photo gift design and product type, then start personalizing it with your own photos and text!

Our holiday greeting designs are most often ordered as photo Christmas ornaments, but we offer these designs on our full range of 3.5" Round products: Personalized Ornaments, 3.5" Round Custom Fridge Magnets, 3.5" Round Custom Coasters, 3.5" Round Custom Pocket Mirrors, 3.5" Round Custom Buttons, 3.5" Round Custom Clothing Magnets, and 3.5" Round Custom Bulldog Clips and our 6" Magnetic Easel.

All of these designs are perfect when designed as Baby's First Christmas Ornaments. Create personalized photo Christmas ornaments for this special milestone in your little one's life.

Every 6" Magnetic Easel comes individually shrink wrapped for a perfect gift presentation! This unique photo gift features a magnetic and easel back for tabletop display, or hanging on most metal surfaces.

Christmas Photo Frame Pricing

Our custom photo ornaments and other products have no minimum quantity and huge price discounts for bulk orders! Personalized Christmas gift pricing is based on qty per design. If you are ordering custom christmas gifts in bulk, you can save with our low bulk pricing!

Product Qty 1 Qty 5 Qty 10 Qty 25 Qty 50
3.5" Ornaments 4.99 ea 4.84 ea 4.12 ea 3.23 ea 2.31 ea
3.5" Magnets 4.99 ea 4.41 ea 3.75 ea 2.10 ea 1.50 ea
3.5" Coasters 4.99 ea 3.73 ea 3.15 ea 1.99 ea 1.44 ea
3.5" Mirrors 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.20 ea 2.98 ea 2.12 ea
3.5" Buttons 4.99 ea 4.00 ea 3.00 ea 1.79 ea 1.32 ea
3.5" Clothing Magnets 4.99 ea 4.62 ea 3.93 ea 3.08 ea 2.21 ea
3.5" Bulldog Clip Buttons 4.99 ea 4.39 ea 3.73 ea 2.93 ea 2.10 ea
6" Easel 7.50 ea 7.33 ea 6.28 ea 5.50 ea 4.39 ea
  • Merry Christmas Wreath 6 Inch Magnetic / Easel Display
  • Whimsical Wreath 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
  • Holiday Wreath 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
  • Christmas Cheer 6 Inch Magnetic / Easel Display
  • Winter Animals 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
  • Christmas Confetti 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
  • Snow Day 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
  • Festive Ornaments 6 Inch Magnetic Easel
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