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Are There Templates for Custom Diecut Button Packs?

Since custom diecut button packs are a completely unique product, you don't need to create your backer card artwork on one of our button pack templates. Just make sure your backer card artwork follows the guidelines below:

1) Add a 1/8" Bleed. This is artwork that extends past the cutline and will be discarded after we cut your card to shape. It is required for a seamless product.

2) Add a 1/8" Safety Area inside the cut line. No important text or graphics should fall inside your Safety Area.

3) Show us your cutline with a 1px stroke in a separate 'Cut Line' layer.

4) Show us your button placement in a "Button Placement" layer, and use the button placement icons that we provide. Do not resize our icons. (see below)

5) Use our button templates for all of your buttons included with the pack.

These button placement icons are representations of the buttons on your backer card artwork. They will let us send this data directly to our digital diecutting machines, to give you a very precise cut that falls right where you want it. Click to download.

Button Placement Icons

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