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Customizer Art Tool Terms & Conditions & Notes

Pure Buttons Customizer art tool is offered in an effort to make ordering easier. We make no claim that it should replace professional image editing software and still believe that creating artwork using our templates is the ideal method for custom art creation.

Copyright ownership

Any stock designs or fonts provided by Pure Buttons for use in the Customizer art tool are fair-use or royalty free. Any uploaded text, artwork, photos, graphics, images, data, and other material ("Content") that you send to Pure Buttons must comply with the Intellectual Property terms in Section 4 of the Terms & Conditions

Facebook and Instagram Connections:

The Customizer art tool allows you to connect to your personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. These connections are established via approved methods created by Instagram and Facebook. To use the Customizer art tool with these services you must log in and approve the connection between your account and the Customizer art tool. After you have submitted your custom design, you may disapprove and remove the connection in your account. This will not affect the custom design that you have submitted. However, future designs would require a new connection approval. Pure Buttons does not have access to your Instagram or Facebook account login credentials or content. We do not keep or store your personal information or photos from these services.

Digital Proofs:

The Customizer art tool provides a digital proof that serves as an estimation of what your printed product will look like. Pure Buttons makes no guarantee that your order's color or print clarity will match the proof you receive from the Customizer art tool. Computer and phone screens often provide a greater resolution and brighter colors than print can achieve. If color adjustment and reprints are required, a discount on the reprint may be offered at our discretion.

You are responsible for ensuring that your custom design will be readable and discernible when printed at the requested size. The Customizer art tool will often display your design larger than it will be in-hand when printed. Please ensure that your fonts and designs will be readable and discernible when printed at actual size.

Upon completing your order you will be presented with a unique URL where you can view and share your digital proof. This URL will not be made public by Pure Buttons but will be accessible to anyone that has the URL by any means. You are solely responsible for this proof URL's traffic.

Editing Designs:

Once you have submitted your design to the cart, you cannot edit your custom design. If you notice an error in your design after finalizing the design but before checking out, you must delete and recreate the design or we can help make edits to your design for a small art fee. Please email or call us with your concern before submitting your order.

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