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Does My Artwork Have To Be On Your Template? How Do I Use The Templates?

Your artwork must be created for our templates. To ensure proper printing, make sure any important artwork is kept within the 'safety zone', which is indicated on the template.

Here is a quick video about our templates:

If you do not want to, or cannot understand how to put your artwork on our templates, you may purchase template help during checkout. When you purchase template help we will place your high res artwork on the proper template to ensure printing accuracy.

Video Transcription

To get PureButtons templates, you need to go to the Templates page in the top navigation. From here, you'll select your product and the size. All products that share a size have the same template. Today I'll download the 1.75" Round Button Template. When that is complete, you open up the ZIP file, and there is a folder with an Illustrator file, a Photoshop file, and a JPEG for other image editors. Let's start with the Illustrator file. In Illustrator, you'll want to look at the Layers panel. And we have a Directions & Help layer, a Template layer, a blank Your Artwork Here layer, a hidden Editable Rim Text layer, and a hidden Proof layer. To start with, we'll go to the Directions & Help layer. This is the layer with all the text and color on it. The next is the Template layer. This is the layer with the rings to show how big to make your artwork. In the top corner we have a reminder to use the rich black values of 60/40/40/100. The first area we need to look at is the safety zone. This gray dashed line represents the area that's safe to keep your readable text and logos within. If your logo or text extends beyond this area, it may wrap around the sides of your button so be careful. The second area is this area called the Rim Text Area. This note says that you can put Rim Text in this area and it will print on the rim of your product. This area is often used for contact info. There are examples on our samples page on the website. ( This editable rim text layer provides rim text that you can edit already on a round path. Simply choose the text tool and "Select All" and write your own. You can choose to repeat the same text over and over for added coverage. The last area of the template is called the Bleed Area. All of your artwork must extend into this area, but it will not be visible. This is to ensure a professional finish on your product. Finally, we have a proof layer. This will mask off everything but the very front of your button design. As your complete your button design, turn on the proof layer to see what your finished design will look like. But make sure to turn off the Proof Layer so that you can ensure your artwork extends to the Bleed Area. Let's look at the Photoshop version. When you open the Photoshop version, you'll see that it's very similar to the Illustrator version. In the Layers panel, we have a Background, Directions & Help, a Template, a blank Your Artwork Here Layer, an Editable Rim Text Sample, and a Proof Layer. We accept layered Photoshop files, Illustrator files, or most other image file formats. Make sure to keep your images high resolution for best print quality. We also offer a free Customizer tool, where you can skip the template altogether, and design right in your browser.

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