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Rainbow Gloss Finish

Dazzling rainbows shine across your custom buttons and promotional merch with our newest Rainbow Gloss finish!

This unique holographic finish mostly looks like our Original Gloss finish, but has a very transparent holographic layer that reflects light with a prism rainbow effect rather than a standard white glossy shine.

Things to know about this finish:

This is not a traditional metallic foil holographic appearance. It is a transparent holographic laminate that sits on top of your printed artwork, making it look fabulous while protecting it from fading and scratches.

Colors in your printed design will be mostly unaffected. Unlike our metallic finish, the white areas in your artwork will look just like expected!

Color saturation and richness is slightly lightened. You will see a bit of desaturation and a lightening of art due to the nature of the transparent holographic laminate. The change is mostly noticeable in a side by side comparrison with Original Gloss and shouldn't be a problem for most orders.

The rainbow effect varies based on the artwork. The effect is more noticable on simpler graphical designs with solid colors.

The rainbow effect is not very noticeable without a direct light source. Under shade or diffused light, there are less highlights for the holographic film to "catch" thus reducing the rainbow effect.

You won't find this gorgeous Rainbow Gloss finish anywhere but Pure Buttons!

Check our rainbow gloss samples gallery to see just how this finish would add something extra to your own custom merch designs.

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