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1.5" Button Display Boxes

4.90 Stars from 7 Reviews

Pure Buttons 1.5" Round Button Display Boxes are a great way to present and display your custom buttons. Each box features up to 2 unique button designs per box and each box is shrink wrapped with your bagged buttons inside. The minimum order quantity is one box with the opportunity to save with higher quantity orders. Design your own artwork to be printed on a professional point-of-sale box complete with pop up top to draw attention from your fans. Sell more buttons with our custom retail-ready button boxes. Each 1.5" Button Display Box holds 100 custom buttons, included!

Button Boxes measure 4 1/8" x 2" x 5.75"

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Help & Proof (???Includes: Our production team will review your art to make sure that it is on the right template and set up for successful printing, then we will carefully create a digital representation of what you can expect your product to look like. E-mailed within 1 business day. Turnaround guarantee begins upon proof approval.)
Custom Finish (???Please see our samples galleries for explanations of the pros and cons of various finishes.
Original Gloss Our original gloss finish lets your colors pop and the gloss finish is shiny but not glaring.
Soft-Touch Matte Read This Before Ordering
Rainbow Gloss Read This Before Ordering
Acetate Metallic Read This Before Ordering

Box Material (???Choose from either our original white 16pt coated card stock, 18pt Brown Kraft 100% Recycled Packaging material or our newest Hemp Fiber Packaging material.)

Finish Options

The round one and a half inch buttons included in this retail box are available in four exclusive finishes. Our high quality finishes are water-resistant and enhance the durability of your custom printed buttons. These finishes also completely change the look and feel of your customized products!

Our Original Gloss Finish is a great choice for just about any button design. This glossy (non-glaring) finish makes colors pop and looks great in all situations. Soft Touch Matte is a finish that you've got to feel to appreciate. Its buttery smooth texture adds a tactile experience to your buttons that will make them more desirable while giving them a neutral matte look. Rainbow Gloss is our newest finish which adds a holographic rainbow shine to any design! Metallic Finish lets the metal body of the 1.5" button shine through your transparent artwork.

Original Gloss Finish Original Gloss Finish Soft Touch Matte Finish Soft Touch Matte Finish Rainbow Gloss Finish Rainbow Gloss Finish Metallic Finish Metallic Finish
Box Material Options

This retail display box will be custom printed and constructed with your choice of three high quality materials. Our Original white material is a 16pt coated card stock that offers true and vivid color reproduction. Our 18pt 100% Recycled Kraft box material adds an earthy, rustic look to your button box. Finally our 18pt recycled Hemp Packaging material features an off-white color and soft finish with the inclusion of visible hemp fibers for an upscale, natural look & feel.

Original White Packaging Material Original White 100% Recycled Kraft Brown Packaging Material 100% Recycled Kraft Recycled Hemp Packaging Material Hemp Fiber

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